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We offer classes at 3 locations

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119 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1P4


54 East 4th Ave Vancouver, BC V5T 1E8


984 West 7th Ave Vancouver, BC V5Z 1C3

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Our Team

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2020-01-17, 5:26 p.m. Nina Perez Nina Perez, Master Instructor Master Instructor

Nina Perez is founder and director of Baila! Dance Today and is widely recognized as one of the best social dancers and Latin dance instructors in Vancouver. She is also a connection coach and helps people enhance their relationships through the lenses of dance and other modalities.

Nina was born and raised in Argentina where she started dancing ballet, flamenco and national folklore from the age of 2, and she now has over 37 years of dancing experience. At the age of 16 Nina discovered Argentine Tango and performed for the likes of Nestor Marconi at the Vancouver Orpheum Theatre with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. At the age of 19 she was introduced to Salsa and her instructor quickly asked her to become part of his dance team and a teaching assistant. This is when Nina fell in love with teaching and embarked on a self-mastery journey of personal development. As a result, she has been teaching and learning for the last 20 years.

Nina’s focus is on accelerating learning and removing the blocks to establishing connection with others, and enhancing the communication, spoken or otherwise, in relationships. Nina has taken numerous workshops and trainings over the years, from somatic disciplines to designed conversations from Appreciative Inquiry, and has now merged her 20 years of Latin dance expertise with her 20 years of personal development to create a brand new way of merging dance, connection and relationships.

Nina is known for her style and grace both on the dance floor and in communication with others. She will teach you not only how to dance, but also how to deepen your connection with self, with your partner, and with your environment. Nina loves challenging people to sense the source of the rhythm and gracefulness that come from within as they are creating beautiful dance without.
2020-01-17, 5:30 p.m. Jalen Séguin Jalen Séguin, Instructor Instructor

When I moved to Vancouver in January 2016, the first thing I did was sign up for salsa classes with Nina. I had been wanting to learn partner dancing for many years, but hadn’t the opportunity. Besides, I was new to the city and I wanted to find ways to meet people. My first 6-8 months were excruciating because I struggled with negative self-talk and self-judgement. The nasty noise in my head totally hijacked my ability to learn and have fun. It was SO MUCH easier to learn and have fun once I let go of the judgement.

I still consider myself to be a slow learner when it comes to dance, and this contributes to my HUGE passion for helping people find their way to connect with the joy of dancing. Along with learning from the master (Nina), my strength as a teacher is my compassion for your learning journey. You will often hear me tell new students: “All you need is patience, persistence, and a good sense of humour.”

Dancing and teaching dance is my favourite pastime and hobby. During the day, I develop software for companies that are doing good in the world. I have formal education in psychology, life coaching, yoga, appreciative inquiry facilitation, and an obscure form of bodywork (the Trager Approach). I also enjoy doing a variety of things to keep active: trail running, hiking, cycling, resistance training and camping.
2020-01-29, 4:42 p.m. Serena Wang Serena_1.jpg Assistant I have always been a dancer. I first started dancing age the of 4. I have tried all the types of dances that I could get my hands since then. I've been interested in latin dances since I was 10. When I met Nina; that’s when I really got a chance to truly learn latin dances, and I've fallen in love with them. Through Nina’s teaching, I have learned ways to connect with people through dance, and get much more comfortable with talking to people that I don’t know well. I can't really pick out a favourite dance. Each form represents a different side of me. Overall, I just love the happiness that only dance can bring me.
2020-01-17, 5:32 p.m. Parisa Madani Parisa Madani, Assistant Assistant I met Nina back in 2016. She taught me how to dance tango and salsa, and I’ve been learning bachata recently. I’ve always loved dancing and it’s been really fulfilling to combine my passion and dance skills on the dance floor. I have to admit that my favourite dance is tango. I love the elegance and poise that the dance requires.


What We Teach

Salsa Dancing


We offer Salsa on1. In the beginner levels we show you the fundamentals danced in the various styles that are most commonly used around the world.

Tango Dancing


In our Tango classes we focus on the leading and following of Argentine Tango. We offer a variety of beginner level classes as well as a Ladies Technique Class on how to make your footwork elegant and stylish.

Bachata Dancing


Our bachata moderna classes are a combo of Bachata Moderna, Sensual Bachata and Dominican Style Bachata. You get the best of all worlds!

How We Teach

Great Teacher-to-Student Ratios

Our focus is on providing value and quality for our students. We limit our classes to a maximum of 20 people so you have the opportunity to dance with the instructors in every class and receive personal instruction.

Clear Instruction

We provide very clear and easy-to-follow instruction building upon what you learn in each class.

Technique Oriented

We teach universal leading and following techniques so you can dance anywhere, with people from other classes or other countries!

Positive and Fun Environment

You will leave each class with a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

Understanding the Music

We really care about training our students to become good salsa dancers by helping them learn how to enjoy the music, find the rhythm easily and move their bodies to it instinctively.

A Community of Dancers

Through all our classes we create a community of students so that your transition from classroom to social dance nights is easy and fun.