On-line/Virtual Classes

Virtual Class Details

Virtual lessons need to be booked a minimum of 4 hrs ahead of time. You may cancel with no charge 2 hrs ahead of time.

Virtual lessons do not require that your video be turned on for the instructor to see, this is optional. You may also choose your own background so your video doesn’t show your space just you, and your dancing feet.

Virtual packs are charged in 30 min increments. 30 min class = 1 visit ; 1 hr classes = 2 visits


Virtual 5 Pack

$20 + TAX (regularly $40)

Use Coupon Code: 50off

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To take a virtual lesson or workshop you will need to buy a virtual pack and then sign in and reserve the class. You will then be emailed a link for a private zoom room 30 min prior to the start of the lesson. We will take attendance from the roster of participants…only those people that reserve a spot will be given the zoom link.

When you buy your 5 pack you have 2 months to use it on our virtual lessons.

  • If a lesson is 30 min then you will use 1 visit from your pack
  • If a workshop or lesson is 60 minutes our system will automatically deduct 2 visits from your pack
  • You can only get 50% (by using the coupon code "50off") on your first purchase.  Apply the coupon code in the final stage of your purchase.
This pack is non-refundable and valid for 2 months from the date of purchase.

Gift Card

$20 + TAX

Allows an initial purchase of a Virtual 5 Pack

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This Gift Card is for purchasing a Virtual 5 Pack Pass. 

The recipient will need to use the "50off" discount code to get 50% and reduce the total price to match the value of the gift card.

All sales are final.