Bootcamps - Your First Step Into The DanceVerse!

Bootcamps are the best way to get started. We teach you all you need to know. You meet other newbies and get to practice together. They are 2 hrs in length so you can get enough time to have a good amount of repetition to feel more confident to come to our group lessons. We share all the important foundational material that makes coming to our weekly group lessons easier. We guide you step by step from the moves, to the connection, to the music, and the way to put it all together. It's an easy and fun way to get launch your dancing journey.

You will learn: 

The basics steps
The Connection 
The roles of leading and following
The first "moves" to get you going 



Bootcamp: Easy Salsa For All!

Reg Price is $60

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We introduce you to the world of Salsa! 

​​​​​​Learn all the basics, the connection, the moves to get you started

The bootcamps run from 8 to 10 pm on Mondays listed below:

May 16th, Jun 13th, Juy 11th, Aug 8th, Sept 5th, Oct 3rd, Nov 7th and Dec 5th 2022

  • Location: 54 East 4th 2nd Floor.

  • Taxes not include

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Bootcamp: Easy Bachata For ALL! + Social Pack

$57.00 + TAX

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Take a 2 hr Bachata Bootcamp and stay for our Bachata Social Practice Session. All in one night.
From 630 to 830 pm will be Bachata Instruction
From 830 to 10 pm stay and practice your moves

May 28th 2022

We will teach you all the basics, the connection, the best moves to know and then you get to practice until 10 pm.

Location: 54 East 4th Ave 2nd Floor



Bachata Social Practice Session

$10.00 + Tax

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Come practice your Bachata...We do these practice sessions for 1.5 hrs for you to practice what you know. Make new friends and get a taste of what the social dancing world is like. 

Next one is May 28th 2022

from 830 to 10 pm 

Location: 54 East 4th Ave 2nd Floor



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