Frequently Asked Questions

Administration & Our School

How do I redeem my GROUPON?

Go to our Groupon page, read the instructions and complete your registration.

Where is the studio located?

We teach classes at 3 different locations. See our schedule to identify which studio a your class will be held.  You can also go to the About Us page to access maps of our locations.

Location 1: 1000 Rivers Studio, 54 E 4th Avenue

Location 2: iDance Studio, 119 West Broadway St.

Location 3: Private Lessons. Given after booking completed via email.

What kind of people come to these salsa classes?

The great thing about our classes is that we attract people from all background and ages…We’ve had students from 7 to 82 years old! What you will notice is that everyone is in it to learn and have fun!

How do I register?

If you would like to come to a class, go to the schedule​​​, then find the class you would like to attend and click on the button. If this your very first class with us, you will need to create a profile for yourself. Otherwise, you simply need to use your email address and password to sign in. The next step is to and pay for a class and reserve your spot. This guarantees your spot in the class.

Please note that if you reserve a spot and fail to show up (or cancel your reservation within 24 hours prior), you will be charged for that class.

How do I access my student account information?

At some point you may wish to access your student account to add or edit your personal information, or to check the status of your payment options. Any time you book a class, you can also view your account information. However if you want to simply view your account information, you can either click on the My Account or the Student Account Login link on the FAQ page as you see highlighted in the image below.

Account Login

What are the terms of your Liability Waiver?

As we all know, dancing is a physical activity and so we need to have a common understanding about the agreements we are making when you come to learn with us. Below iare the terms of the the agreement

I hereby agree to the following:

  1. That I am participating in a dance/fitness class at Baila Vancouver Dance & Dance Today. I recognize that dance and fitness classes require physical exertion, which may be strenuous and could cause physical injury. I am fully aware of the risk and hazard involved.
  2. I understand that it is my responsibility to consult a physician prior to and regarding my participation in the class. I represent that I am physically fit and have no psychological, medical or emotional condition which would prevent my full participation.
  3. I agree to take full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages known or unknown which might incur as a result of participating in the class(es).
  4. I knowingly and voluntarily waive any claim I may have against Baila Vancouver Dance and Dance Today, or any faculty members or assistants for injury, loss and/or damage that I may sustain as a result of participating in class(es).
  5. I give Baila Vancouver Dance and Dance Today express permission to take and use photos and videos of my likeness in all/any of their promotional material without royalties or any other consideration in perpetuity.
  6. Memberships and class cards are non-refundable and valid for 6 months from the date of purchase unless otherwise specified with promotion. i.e. Groupon: 2 months expiry. Schedule is subject to change without notice.

I have read the above release and waiver of liability and fully understand its contents. I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above.

About You

Do I need a partner?

No you do not. Contrary to popular belief, this dance is not a "one partner" dance. It is a social dance scene where you will likely dance with new people the entire night. In our classes, most of our students come by themselves, either because they don't have a partner to dance with, or because they are interested in meeting new people. Our classes are designed to teach you leading and following techniques which are smooth and clear, enabling you to dance with anyone, not only a partner (if you have one) or people in your classes.

What if I have no dance experience?

Our beginner courses aim to teach you all you need to know to start dancing Salsa and the other Latin Dances. It is very common for people to feel "funny" or awkward in the beginning, but stick with it and push through those feelings. You will soon reap the benefits of increased confidence and can relax and have fun. We strongly believe in foundation and communication through your lead and follow that are universal to Salsa (and the other partner dances). With a little time and persistence, you will be able to lead or follow almost anyone, even people you have never danced with before or people from other countries.

What kinds of people come to these classes?

The great thing about our classes is that we attract people from all background and ages…We’ve had students from 7 to 82 years old! What you will notice is that everyone is in it to learn and have fun!

What if I have no rhythm and two left feet?

You are not alone. Many people feel that way, but we have great teaching techniques, extensive experience and knowledge that we will pass on to you which will enable you to "grow a right foot" :-).

In fact, our number one goal is to create great dancers who have fun no matter how much experience they have had in the past!

Where do I fit into your class structure if I have some experience or have taken lessons somewhere else?

Please set up a time with us so we can dance with you to see what level your are at then we will let you know what the best course is for you. You can also simply show up at the beginning or end of any of our classes, and we can assess you then.

What should I wear?

You may start off feeling cold, but by the end of the first 10 minutes you'll be sweating! Make sure it isn't too long so that you don't trip. Yoga pants, khakis, shorts, t-shirts and tank tops are ideal.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

For ladies, the best choice, if you are willing to invest some money, would be professional dance shoes, but they are not necessary to start a beginner class. Any flat shoe, or heeled shoe with a smooth sole that will stay on your foot will work. No sandals or heavy clunky shoes is preferable. For men, any shoe that has a thin profile bottom is better than a clunky rubber-soled shoe. You can also just wear your socks if you have nothing else that works :-)

Where can I buy dance shoes?

There are many stores in Vancouver. Here are some names and googling is the best way to find their current hours, discounts and location: Avalon Dance Shop, Broadway The Dance Shop, Parker Place Mall has many ballroom shoe stores.

What Music CDs or Artists do you recommend?

Salsa: Africando, Celia Cruz, Mark Anthony, Ray Barretto, Hector Lavoie, Tito Puente, Fruko y Sus Tesos, La Sonora Carrouseles,DLG, Eddie Palmieri, El Gran Combo, Willie Colon, Carlos Vives, Adolescentes, Oscar de Leon, Grupo Niche, Victor Manuelle, Jose Alberto El Canario, Thalia, La India, Brenda Star
Bachata Musicians : Monchy y Alexandra, Aventura,
Merengue: Alex Bueno, Elvis Crespo
Tango: Forever Tango Compilation, Color Tango, Osvaldo Pugliese, Astor Piazzolla
Tango Nuevo: Bajo Fondo, Gotan Project
Cha Cha: Buena Vista Social Club

Our Classes

What is your approach to teaching?

All Baila DanceToday Classes are set up as individual stand alone modules. Think of it as a Yoga Class you start when you start. Our syllabus is broken down into modules. The modules can be learned in any order as the structure of the module itself is self supporting so you will not need to know what came previously to accomplish or learn the module of the day. You can start your learning with any module but need to complete all modules to move on to the next level. The modules keep cycling through so if you start in the middle of a cycle just keep attending to class and you will get all the modules completed.

How are classes structured?

We always teach you the basics that you need to know for that module and since progressing in dance is based on repetition you will soon see how quickly you progress no matter when in the cycle you started. 

We cover how to do a dance step and how to lead and follow in every class as these are two factors that need to be mastered. 

Patterns can come and go but the language of dancing (leading/following) and look of dancing (how to do the steps) are key to getting the most fun out of dance. You will soon notice you will create your own repertoire as you keep attending classes; of course we help you all along the journey and give you set patterns to make the learning easier as well.

What Salsa classes do you teach?

Learn more about our classes by visiting our Salsa Classes page.

What Tango classes do you teach?

Learn more about our classes by going to our Tango Classes page.

What Bachata Classes do you teach?

Learn more about our classes by going to our Bachata Classes page.