Photo Worthy Moves For Your Wedding

Photo Worthy Moves For Your Wedding

Jun. 13, 2020, 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Are you in the middle of wedding planning, surrounded by questions about invitations and decorating schemes and feeding the guests? Have you thought yet about that moment when you'll be presented as the new couple and everyone is watching you as you embrace one another and take your first dance as newlyweds? What will that dance look like? Why not make it a moment to always remember?

If you answered yes, then join us and learn all the photo-worthy moves in one night! By the end you will know how to dip her safely and comfortably, how to turn your partner and yourself, how to cuddle and show her off in your arms. We will show you ways to multiply your one turn and make it into 3 different turns, making it less to learn and making it go farther at the same time!

1 Night >> 2 Hours >> 6 Moves

In this workshop we will give you a taste of the moves that make for pictures and memories that will last a lifetime, for you and your guests. We will provide ideas and show you the most romantic poses and moves that are easy to learn and will look sensational at the same time! Do you want a fast and fun dance, or a slow and romantic dance, how elaborate do you want it to be? We can give you a taste so you can make the important decisions for your big day!

Our method is unique because we will teach how to connect with each other on a different level, so that every dance move is created out of the energy between you and not out of memorization. You'll even be able to create moves and that will work out and have your own bit of personal flare! By using the energy and feelings between the two of you, even if you make a mistake you can make them look good

Early-Bird Ticket (per couple)